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Our Granny Flats are custom designed to effectively utilise your property. When it comes to Granny Flats its simply not a “one size fits all” We custom build Granny Flats that compliment your block and flow seamlessly with the site to maximise both space, functionality and privacy.

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Granny flats are quickly becoming an even more popular range of housing, exactly what could be the distinction between a granny flat and a flat? A granny flat refers to a type of dwelling property that is self-contained and often detached off their buildings. Meanwhile, an apartment or a flat is a self-contained unit that sits on part of a structure. Since the granny flat is basically a detached small house, it is enough for one or two people. The tiny dwelling is typically built behind the key house. In regards to space, generally, granny flats act like apartments however regulations over the measurements of granny flats varies between states and territories.

Granny flat listings for private rentals are on the rise. State and local governments all over the country have relaxed regulations and overhauled the rules to help granny flats become smarter, more sophisticated, and inhabitable. However, several states and territories’ local councils may still not grant the permission for granny flats to be rented by members excluded in the family. The popularity of granny flats is overtly increasing in recent times within Australia, and there are good reasons behind it.

Currently, granny flats have turned more modern, stylish as well as functional. It does not look like an outhouse anymore. Instead, it seems more like the extended part of your existing house, making it more useful than it ever was.

Pros of Granny Flat Living  

Minimal Space

To build the granny flat, you will not need that much space in your backyard. You will probably be surprised to know that you only need 450 sqm space at the back of your home in order to build a granny flat. Similar to an apartment, maintaining a newly built granny flat is a lot simpler than a considerable house due to its small size. The granny flat may include its very own driveway and a section of the yard that offers a lot more convenient parking and even a small back yard or courtyard.


Even if you have a budget crunch, there is always a scope for you to build a granny flat within the budget plan. It’s also cheaper than the usual cost of a home extension or renovation, to add space to the existing property.

Simple to match with your existing decor

It is not that difficult to match the existing decor of your house with that of the granny flat. To make sure the design of the granny flats looks seamless, you should ask your professionals to develop a design that resembles the existing decor of your house.

Profitable for your Return of Investment

The best part of having a granny flat is you are going to get more than your expected ROI. Although people use granny flats as an extending part of their house to deal with the space crunch, there are exceptions. Many people have built granny flats to rent out and get the maximum monetary benefit out of it. It will not only give you the return on your investment but it will help you out financially as an additional source of income.

Home-value Increase

Granny flats instantly increases your property value. So, even if you decide to sell off your property after one or two years down the line, you will be getting the upper hand in pricing just because of the granny flat.

For a perfectly designed granny flat, seek out recommendations, referrals and customer reviews for selecting the absolute most trustworthy people available in the market. You ought to appoint reliable professionals like a group of granny flat builders at A1 Granny Flats who specialises within the industry of granny flat building.

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