Granny Flats Liverpool

Do yourself a favour and build a granny flat in Liverpool

Liverpool is suburb located in Great Western Sydney. With an over the average population, it is continuing to expand and there is no doubt that it will keep doing so. More houses are in demand as there is a flow of people towards Liverpool.

It would be a missed opportunity if you did not build a granny flat in your backyard. With the increasing demand for housing, building a granny flat will add value to your property. On the other hand, you can easily rent it out and have a stable, secondary income. All of these sound good but you are struggling to find a reliable builder? Look no further, A1 Granny Flat Builders is ready to work with you in Liverpool. We are the go-to builder in this suburb and our proven experience speaks it for itself.

Familiarise yourself with our services in Liverpool

Liverpool is one the suburbs that we have been operating at for the longest, therefore, we know the ins and outs of this place. Sparing no effort, our experienced builders will offer you the best options to you and listen to your requirements at the same time. A1 Granny Flats is known as an organization that keeps the promises made – we guarantee the quality of the project we bring to life. Through a top-notch customer service, we know how to communicate with our clients in order to build a granny flat just like they dream of. Rates of our services in itself is a reason to work with us – we provide the best service out there at the most affordable pricing.

  • We give you the option of choosing an existing design or requesting a custom design
  • We can transform your existing garage or shed into a granny flat
  • Renovating/extending your granny flat
  • Renovating of your bathroom or kitchen
  • Great turn-key projects at fixed rates
  • Quick approval of your plan
  • A great overall experience

Brief description of our building process

Our initial step is always arranging an appointment with you and one of our team members that will take place on the building site. The expert member will carefully assess the area and based on the assessments we will be able to offer you the most ideal options. Designing of the granny flat will be totally up to you; you are free to choose an existing design or ask us to design you a custom one. Next step is going to be both the external and internal inclusions. Your input will be the most important in this one. Sewage and rainwater structures of your property will also be a checkpoint; they must be in a functioning state. Depending on the situation, we can offer our clients financing solutions as well. Last step will finally be getting your plan approved.

Why Choose Us

Being at the top spot as a popular builder service is not an ordinary task and we believe we have done more than enough to deserve it. Our vast experience has given us the knowledge and the skill set to pave our path to success. You will have the guarantee of a controlled budget thanks to our definitive services and qualified local professionals. We are a company that engages in fully in a project, which allows to control all the costs of your construction and to bring you the guarantee of project management. You will have no surprise costs because we have planned for everything in advance.

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