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Our Granny Flats are custom designed to effectively utilise your property. When it comes to Granny Flats its simply not a “one size fits all” We custom build Granny Flats that compliment your block and flow seamlessly with the site to maximise both space, functionality and privacy.

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The limitations of a Granny Flat Home starts from a studio through to a three-bedroom and two and a half bathrooms. Essentially your regional council dictates the location that is crucial as well as the size and appearance conditions that may apply to your granny flat build. However you have the power to dictate what goes into your granny flat.

In the past most of granny flat owners want something comparative economical and reliant. A house that provides the access to help if required but also offers freedom and privacy.

  • Ranch Style Granny Flat

Ranch style houses are distributed in a format design, your kitchen is usually near your entrance, with a flow that ultimately ends with your bedroom. A ranch style is designed to incorporate views of scenery or gardens, large windows and a private outlook. It provides relief from the heat on warmer days, and as keeps the cold out your home on days winter days. A Ranch style Granny Flat design great for acreage properties offering beautiful views of the property.

  • Modern Loft Granny Flat

A granny flat with the loft design is normally built for a younger demographic. This type of Granny Flat is typically built on a district block. That is why a block from 600 m2- 1200 m2 with a large back yard might just be the most ideal size. The typical quarter acre block is a fitting example of where the modern loft could be your solution. Following in a small granny flat home of 30-70 square meters is an excellent starting point (depending on your local council). Therefore, for any granny flat builders, this is a new and modern concept that they would love to do research for and execute for you.

  • Potential downside of a loft

Often in smaller loft style Granny Flats, there is limited space, so your toilet might end up next to your kitchen. As a result, a budget conscious young adult will love the low price living setup. Solar panels may be fitted to the roof and bathrooms with hand basins and are a fantastic efficiency option. For a single person with a house loan, this is a smart option financially. Rather than spending another thirty years paying back repayments, often people are very capable of paying their granny flat off in less than a decade. You might even compare this to a car loan instead of (up to) 70 percent of your earnings on a mortgage. While you may not possess the land, it is a wonderful investment opportunity for parties.

  • Contemporary Granny Flat

Traditionally there is always an inexpensive solution. Previously a favourite search may have been a kit home or a container. Focusing on which some might consider to be more economical options. Individuals have become smarter, realising the shortcuts taken to construct apparel home or a container house sometimes gets really expensive to finalise. Understanding the ease of self-appointed guidelines for certificate, the modern Granny Flat saves time and money. This is coupled with a quality house that was higher as well.

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Find granny flat builder that offers you their knowledge and expertise like A1 Granny Flats. With our unique construction methods and priceless attention to detail, we have become Australia’s most reputable granny flat construction company.

Here at A1 Granny Flats, we pride ourselves for staying in touch with changing trends in modern style living, delivering to our clients across NSW a product above all standards and an experience to truly enjoy. Contact us now.

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