6 key steps to build a granny flat

You have a nice house and a backyard that is large enough. Why not use the available space to build a granny house that can be both an investment and just an extra living space? With house prices still rising, it is a good time to add value to your house. You can also rent it and have a passive side income.

But how to successfully build one? Here are 6 key steps that will take you to the granny flat of your dreams.


7 mistakes to avoid when choosing a granny flat builder

Granny Flats Building Mistakes

The time has come and you are looking for a builder in Sydney. There are many builder services who offer these services in Sydney but you shouldn’t rely on all of them. Choosing a builder can be a tricky task with serious consequences. As A1 Granny Flat builders, we want you to make the correct choice and that is why we will list 7 mistakes that you should avoid when choosing a builder in Sydney.


What is a granny flat?

Granny Flat

Many of us have heard granny flats but not everyone knows what it actually is and what its purpose is. A granny flat is usually built in the proximity of the main house, in its garden or backyard. It has all the required features and necessities a normal house should have. Imagine your expectations being implemented in a smaller sized house. It will have a kitchen, bathroom and regular rooms – all comparatively smaller than they would be in a regular house.


Here is why you should build a granny flat!

Granny Flats Builders

You might have decided to build a house and happen to have a fairly sized garden. The best way to utilize the extra area you have is building a granny flat. Granny flats have become very popular in Sydney, more and more homeowners are building granny flats nowadays. There are many benefits of building a granny flat in your backyard. If you are looking to get a granny flat built you should definitely check out our services page.