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Our Granny Flats are custom designed to effectively utilise your property. When it comes to Granny Flats its simply not a “one size fits all” We custom build Granny Flats that compliment your block and flow seamlessly with the site to maximise both space, functionality and privacy.

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There has been a significant growth in the total of granny flats being established in Aussie backyards in the last few years. There are various rational known reasons for that development. For one, a granny flat can facilitate you to change your backyard becoming an additional liveable space for adolescents or young adults

The growing price of living signifies kids nowadays are not as independent as the kids in earlier generations. Granny flats can additionally help you pay back your mortgage a lot faster if you start using the rental money to settle your mortgage loan. With the typical measurements of Australian mortgage loans increasing as a result of high property price ranges in Australian leading capital cities, this can be an appealing solution to give consideration to.

Granny flats can be used in many different places. If you work at home, you can make use of the granny flat as your workplace. This way, you can save yourself a lot more money by not investing in a pricey business space. In addition, in that way, it will finally help you lessen travel expenditures and other additional expenses. Granny flats can also be transformed into your hobby room. It will make such an appropriate space for engaging in hobbies that you are passionate about. Moreover, granny flats can transform into added bedrooms. The construction of the apartment allows you to incorporate an extra bedroom at the most reasonably priced when compared with remodeling your living home. If you aspire to build a granny flat, you can arrange plans ahead with an expert  granny flat builder.

All in all, granny flats offer you great benefits. However, there are some things you have to be concerned about once you make up your mind to let a granny flat builder build one for you. The following are the four mistakes unprepared granny flat buyers often make:

  • Neglecting granny flat approvals

Numerous homeowners have a tendency to forget that approvals from regional council are still very much needed even if the granny flat you are constructing is upon your current block of property. These particular approvals should include the size of the granny flat authorized on your block of land, its height and whether or not it obstruct light to your neighbours.

  • Setting improper budget plan

You should guarantee that you have organized all the budget to fund every single thing required to establish the granny flat.

  • Proceed without reviewing the builder

The granny flat builder should always have updated builders permit. You must also inquire them whether or not they have all the proper insurance coverages in place or not.

  • Having  zero plans

Out of all the above (in terms of approving, budgeting and reviewing), they all should always be significant aspects of your building plan. You can have the confidence to proceed with your granny flat build plan. It is very important for you to make sure you are all set before generally making your ultimate decision to construct a granny flat.

Find a granny flat builder that offers you their knowledge and expertise in all things granny flats so that you can avoid all the mistakes stated above. With A1 Granny Flats’s unique construction methods and priceless attention to detail, we have become Australia’s most reputable granny flat construction company.  Here at A1 Granny Flats, we pride ourselves for staying in touch with changing trends in modern style living, delivering to our clients across NSW a product above all standards and an experience to truly enjoy. Get in contact with us right away here